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Last month, Integral Sports Management’s football department joined over 6,500 agents, from over 130 associations representing all confederations, to complete the FIFA football agent exam. And we are delighted to announce, that all members of our football division passed the exam, ensuring that as a body, we are eligible to operate as FIFA licensed agents.

The introduction of the licensing system is a key component of the FFAR to raise the professional and ethical standards for the profession of football agents. With the intention to lead to an increase in the quality of the service provided for those clients across the football industry.

A mission that has been the intent of Integral Sports Management founders Gary Pettit and Ray Winstone since conception. “Our priority has always been to up the standards of how a modern agency should operate within the sports industry, particularly within football”, says Gary Pettit.

“Over the years we have seen so many young players cast aside as their dreams and ambitions weren’t fulfilled, and our aim since launching three years ago was to bring more integrity, honesty, and trust into this environment. For the better of the athletes, clubs and all those involved at any level of the game.

“We’re over the moon to see the success of our team with these new exams, and welcome the new regulatory framework, which will hopefully ensure there are now well-defined rules. ISM’s values lie with the best interests of our athletes and coaches. It has never been about maximising profit but promoting fairness and integrity.”

Protection of minors:

Young talents need guidance and safeguarding in an industry as vast and varied as football. We are at the forefront of professionalism in the day-to-day operational

practice of our work and will continue to push the highest levels of service. 

Upholding professional and ethical standards:

The world of football deserves agents who maintain the highest levels of

professionalism and ethics.

Transparency is key:

An open and transparent industry benefits everyone involved – players, coaches,

clubs, and agents alike.

Contract stability:

A strong and stable contractual relationship between players and clubs ensures the smooth functioning of current and future relationships. 

Avoidance of conflicts of interest:

Ensuring that we as the agents act in the best interests of our players throughout the process.

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