It is a remarkable statistic that over 60% of the UK population is classified as either overweight or obese. Poor diet is now considered the biggest risk factor for preventable ill health in England sitting narrowly ahead of smoking.

Worryingly, one third of 11-year-olds leave Primary School overweight or obese. One can of cola contains nine cubes of sugar which is two cubes more than an adult’s maximum daily recommended sugar intake.

None of us really know how much advertising affects our eating habits but1.2% of the total advertising spend each year goes on vegetables and yet 22% of that spend is on the advertising of confectionery, cakes, biscuits and ice cream.

Interestingly anyone with Type 2 diabetes can remove the condition through healthy eating, regular exercise and achieving a healthy body weight. Type 2 diabetes is far more common than Type 1 with around 90% of all adults suffering from diabetes having Type 2.

Diet is also an important risk factor in coronary heart disease. Food related risk factors include a diet high in saturated fats. A low-saturated fat, high-fibre, high plant food diet can substantially reduce the risk of developing heart disease. And there are other issues which derive from a poor diet. People who are obese have a 55% increased risk of developing depression over time, whereas people experiencing depression had a 58% increased risk of becoming obese. A poor diet (with high levels of saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and processed food products) is linked to poorer mental health in children.

At ISM we’re working closely with Daniel Dyer (former sports professional, nutritional adviser and lifestyle coach) and Louis Taylor      (founder and director of No 1 Food Prep) to promote healthier lifestyles. Every single person’s nutritional goals are different and with that in mind Daniel and Louis set clients up on specific healthy active lifestyle plans which make sure the body gets the right amount of nutrient dense calories in and the right amount of protein to help the body to function at its optimum and also increase its energy output (improved training or fitness). This is all achieved with a balance of supplements and good foods.

Daniel spoke of the general rule and split that he and his team follow which is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. The logic behind this statement is that there are 168 hours in a week and on average most people will train or exercise for 5 of that total number of hours so what you consume in the remaining hours will have a massive impact on you and your lifestyle.

Lifestyle change sits prominently alongside diet.  Dieting is more of a temporary fix and what Daniel and Louis do is help you to recondition your mind to fight off those demons that convince you that you can’t do what you easily can if you apply yourself. They offer companies and individuals advice, guidance, knowledge and make best use of online tools to deliver their total offer.

Why not be the best version of yourself you can be and contact Dan at or Louis at now.

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